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Scrap Night at Santa Ana!
Bang-up card in Bernalillo Wraps up ESPN Doubleheader Reid, Hernandez Score Action-Packed Wins! Adriano Sanchez Returns with Strong Win!
Ray Sanchez, Jaramillo Clobber Foes!

by chris cozzone

Close, non-stop action . . . dramatic knockouts . . . controversy . . . big names and  local prospects: last night’s fight card at the Santa Ana Star Casino in Bernalillo, NM had it all.

The second half of an ESPN doubleheader, co-promoted by Banner Promotions, Richard Steele and the casino, not only treated the 2,000 or so Albuquerque-area fight fans to two bang-up NABF title fights, but gave them the opportunity to see one local boxer’s sound return and two others’ dramatically destroy their opposition.

Hernandez Hangs On

With ESPN2 going live at 7 PM with Friday Night Fights, the card opened up with an NABF Jr. Middleweight title defense: Chicago’s Angel Hernandez (22-2, 15 KO’s) protecting his hard-earned belt against challenger from Delaware, Larry Marks (22-6, 13 KO’s).

Hernandez escaped near-ruin in the final round to hold on to his title with a split decision win.

Nicknamed “El Toro” for obvious reasons, the stocky Hernandez bulled Marks around in the first two rounds. While competitive, the fight was Hernandez’s as long as Marks was going to indulge Hernandez in fighting close-quarter.

Marks made an adjustment and came out in the 3rd, winning the round by staying on the outside and playing matador to “El Toro,” who could not deal with Marks’ footwork and style.

Marks threw his winning game plan away in the next few rounds. Suckered into brawling with Hernandez, Marks was pinned against the ropes and pounded on.

Hernandez took a breather in the 7th, giving the round to the busier Marks, but came back in the 8th  and 9th looking to take his man out. It’s a close round, with both fighters scoring good right hands, but with Hernandez landing the harder blows.

Hernandez takes the lead in the 10th and 11th, pulling ahead on the scorecards and forcing Marks to realize he needs a knockout to win.

It nearly happens in the final round, too.

Marks scores big with left hooks that has Hernandez hanging on for life. Looking to tie up, Hernandez takes a beating that has him “accidentally” losing his mouthpiece. At a crucial moment, the action is interrupted and when the fight resumes, Hernandez locks up with Marks for a desperate slow dance until the bell sounds.

After 12 rounds, I have it 8 rounds for Hernandez, 4 rounds for Marks, with the last being a 10-8: 115-112 for El Toro.

Official scorecards read 115-112 for Marks; and 116-112 twice for Hernandez, giving him the split decision win.

Adriano Sanchez Returns With Solid Win!

Local middleweight star “Amazing” Adriano Sanchez (11-3-1, 8 KO’s) came back strong after a 10-month lay-off, beating undefeated fighter Lamar Alexander (6-1, 1 KO) with a majority decision win.

Sanchez was rust-heavy in the first round, with Alexander closing the gap and landing short punches. But in the 2nd, Adriano started to warm up, making the round close by landing hard right hands and trying to utilize a newly-adopted jab.

Not entirely comfortable with fighting on the outside, using his extensive reach and powerful-but-raw jab, Sanchez reverted to his ‘South Valley Style’ of fighting in the 3rd and 4th rounds in order to score the win. Sanchez pressured Alexander with short, somewhat loopy punches that had the shorter man on the defensive, giving both rounds to Sanchez. Scorecards read 38 even and 39-37 twice for Sanchez. I had it 39-38 for Sanchez, making the 2nd round 10-10.

While Sanchez scores a strong win in his comeback fight, beating an undefeated prospect, he’s going to need more time in the gym and a couple more fights under trainer Ray Sanchez II before he can step up and take on someone like Joseph Brady. Sanchez’s two strongest attributes (after his heart)—his jab and straight right hand with that reach of his that extends to the opposite side of the ring—have gone unheeded throughout his career. Breaking old habits and enhancing Sanchez with intelligent boxing will take time—but look out, Albuquerque, Sanchez is back.

Reid Slams Sanders in Controversial Stoppage

The main event on the ESPN2 card was a title fight for the vacant NABF super welterweight belt between Baltimore’s Teddy “Two Gun” Reid (20-5-1, 14 KO’s) and Chicago’s Germaine “Silky Smooth” Sanders (21-2, 15 KO’s).

While Reid was able to destroy Sanders, he did it in controversial fashion.

Round One was a feeling-out round, with Sanders looking slick and smooth over Reid coming forward looking to land something damaging. In the 2nd, Reid started to find a place with his bombs and just as the bell sounds, Sanders, trapped against the ropes, went down.

One punch was all Reid needed—but for extra measure, and because Sanders was wedged between the 1st and 2nd ropes—he let loose a few more blows after the bell, nearly blasting Sanders out of the ring and into this reporter’s lap.

Finally, after what seemed an eternity—and an even longer eternity for Germaine Sanders—the ref appeared from nowhereland to remind Reid the round was over and to (nearly) count Sanders out.

Sanders made the count but stumbled back to his corner a couple feet away a destroyed man.

Sanders was finished but tried to regain composure and evade Reid’s bombardment of punches. At 2:15, another combination put Sanders down and the ref called it quits awarding the TKO win and NABF belt to Reid.

Sanders’ promoter, Bobby Hitz, leapt into the ring, enraged and ready to beat the crap out of referee Al Martinez—for not disqualifying Reid for hitting Sanders after the bell (and while he was down) so many times; and for not being there as the bell sounded to stop the action. Hitz eventually calmed down but plans to file a formal protest with the Athletic Commission and NABF.

Odom Clocks Rivera

With the main event shortened, there was time for ESPN to televise a swing bout: Albuquerque’s Jose Luis Rivera (1-3) vs. Los Angeles’ Calvin Odom (7-3, 5 KO’s).

It was a dull first round, with the taller Rivera jabbing Odom who was looking to score inside. In the 2nd, he got his wish, hitting Rivera with a left hook and, soon after, finishing the job with a hard right hand that floored Rivera in a knockdown that had his head bouncing dangerously on the canvas. Rivera was attended to and walked away, seemingly alright.

Sanchez Destroys Tidwell in Mismatch

Teddy Reid and Angel Hernandez might’ve been the big names on the card; and ESPN2 might’ve gone off the air by 9:30, but it was obvious who the crowd came to see last night.

Entering the ring to local favorite tune, Roberto Griego’s “Nuevo Mexicano,” with the entire crowd screaming, Ray Sanchez III was looking for Win #5, Knockout #5.

He got his wish with little effort.

Sanchez’s opponent was pro-debuter Tyree Tidwell, whose only advantage was weighing in seven-plus pounds heavier than Sanchez. The extra weight did little but make a louder Thump! when his body hit the canvas at just :27 of the first round.

Sanchez stormed out at the opening bell and although Tidwell did his best, it was a hard left cross coming from Sanchez that put Tidwell in La-La Land.

No doubt about it, Tidwell was overmatched against the 9-time national amateur champ and super lightweight prospect. Sanchez, who is promoted by Cedric Kushner, has not had an easy time getting opponents. An opponent with a 26-12 record was nearly secured the week before the fight but $3,700 was too big a price for an untelevised 4-round undercard fight.

Sanchez has been out of the 1st round but once (into the 2nd); but all wins are by knockout. Finding foes has been a challenge for Kushner—and an expensive undertaking.

The Sanchez camp has expressed the need to step up the competition, and to fight a six-rounder next—the test, though, no doubt, will not be in Sanchez’s ability to step up and perform, but in the matchmaker and promoter’s ability to find, then cajole and pay the opponent for braving the destructive southpaw from Albuquerque.

Jaramillo Wrecks Flores in Mismatch

In the last fight of the night, former amateur champion Stephanie “Golden Girl” Jaramillo made her pro debut, stopping Martha Flores (0-6) in the 2nd round.

Pawing the ground like a rabid bull and scaring half the audience, if not her opponent, with mean stares, Jaramillo came out strong to overpower the shorter, round Flores. After a slip to the canvas, Flores got up to fight back, trying to catch Jaramillo coming in. She landed a few shots but could not match Jaramillo’s onslaught.

Round Two started to look like gym work for Jaramillo, as she overwhelmed Flores and landed at will until the ref called it quits at 1:54.

Although clearly a mismatch, it was the first time the unwon Flores had ever been stopped. In impressive fashion, the Golden Girl scores her first big win and knockout.

Who next for Jaramillo?

Matchmakers need look no further than Stephanie’s hometown of Albuquerque. In a fight that could not be paralleled for women’s boxing in New Mexico, I got one name for Jaramillo: Holly Holm.

# # #

The Blow-by-Blow
by Ricardo Trujillo

Bout # 1 Hernandez vs. Marks

RD. 1 – Hernandez comes out trying to out jab the taller Marks, with some success. A close evenly contested fight until Hernandez forces Marks to the ropes. Marks has trouble dealing with the aggressive Hernandez. Round to Hernandez.

RD. 2 – Like the 1st Hernandez is very aggressive. Marks stays on the ropes to long and pays for it, but he has his moments as Hernandez’s left eye begins to swell.

RD. 3 – Marks is fighting more at a distance this round. Hernandez’s short arms are not effective at this range. Now back to like the previous rounds action with Hernandez in close the fight is more competitive.

RD. 4 – The durable Hernandez pins Marks against the ropes again and pounds away. A very close fight with Marks being a worthy opponent for the NABF crown.

RD. 5 – Ever the aggressor Hernandez stalks Marks, trying to dance away Marks is slowing down. The ropes seems to be Marks’ friend, but this does not bode well with the judges.

RD. 6 – Both men look a bit tired, but Hernandez is winning the war of attrition. Another round for Hernandez who is pulling away at this point.

RD. 7 – Marks is busier this round during the 1st minute. Now holding his hands lower, Marks is trying lure Hernandez in but to no avail. Marks has no power to speak of, but wins the round based on more activity.

RD. 8 – At close quarters in the center of the ring,  Hernandez is winning. Marks continues to score effectively actually stunning Hernandez with a good right.

RD. 9 – A very close fight that is being waged mostly in the center of the ring. Both are missing a lot now-- a sure sign of fatigue. However, Hernandez is winning by a razor thin margin. A punch after the bell sends Hernandez into a frenzy as Ref Saiz admonishes both fighters.

RD. 10 – A big right by Hernandez stuns Marks about :30 into the round. Marks responds with a left of his own to momentarily stop Hernandez. A close round for Hernandez.

RD. 11 – Hernandez is slowing down but Marks cannot capitalize. Mugging for the camera Ref Saiz pulls Hernandez away and says, "Fight!" Marks needs a KO to win.

RD. 12 – Hernandez is hurt big time by a left hook not once but twice. Hernandez survives the barrage--barely. A very good close fight with Hernandez winning a split decision win: 116-112, 116-112 Marks, 115-112.

Bout # 2 Sanchez vs. Alexander

RD. 1 – A tentative and cautious Sanchez meets Alexander in the center of the ring. Both men fight at long range, with for now Alexander winning the round. Sanchez looks rusty.

RD. 2 – The taller Sanchez is having a hard time of it. Sanchez is losing but lands a very hard right at the bell. Closer fight but Sanchez needs to really turn it on. Sanchez needs to jab more to create openings.

RD. 3 – Sanchez is pressuring more and wins the 1st minute. Much better round for Sanchez. Both men are winded but Sanchez wins this round. Sanchez is not using his range-finder jab.

RD. 4 – Alexander has his mouth open and is breathing heavy. Sanchez is now penetrating the guard of Alexander and he spits his mouthpiece out, much to the chagrin of the partisan crowd. Sanchez needed to warm up and does better in the last two rounds. Majority dec. 38-38, 39-37 x2 Sanchez.

Bout # 3 Sanders vs. Reid

RD. 1-  Both fighters come out cautiously in the 1st minute with neither one taking the initiative. Reid finally lands a good left and right and wins the round with his aggressiveness.

RD. 2 – Sanders is jabbing more and pounds Reid to the body. Reid is trading more with Sanders and lands the best punches of the fight and down goes Sanders. Ref Martinez reaches the count of eight and the bell sounds. Reid is steamrolling.

RD. 3 – Reid has power and shows it, another knockdown from a barrage of punches sends Sanders to the canvas for the second time. Ref Martinez stops contest at 2:15.

Bout # 4  Odom vs. Rivera

RD. 1 – Local boy Rivera, the taller of the two, jabs his way into the defensive minded Odom. So far so good for Rivera. He wins this round.

RD. 2 – Rivera gets caught with Odom's left hook that rocks him. Down goes Rivera from a right cross. Still on shaky legs, he goes down for good from another hard right hand and the ref waves it off at 2:18.

Bout # 5 Sanchez vs. Tidwell

RD. 1- Sanchez comes out storming to the cheers of the crowd and clocks Tidwell with a very hard left cross that flattens his over matched opponent at :27. A very impressive performance by the young southpaw.

Bout # 6 Jaramillo vs. Flores (women)

RD. 1 – Jaramillo looks angry and stares down the pudgy Flores who slips to the canvas in the 1st :30. Jaramillo wins the round with her aggressiveness.

RD. 2 – Jaramillo works to the body and is landing the harder cleaner shots. It’s like a sparring session for Jaramillo. Flores becomes a punching bag--a big punching bag. Ref Martinez stops the contest at 1:54.       

Photos by Chris Cozzone  Email for more info

For the NABF Super Welter Belt:
Teddy Reid (20-5-1, 14 KO’s) TKO 3 Germaine Sanders (21-2, 15 KO’s)

NABF Jr. Middle Defense:
Angel Hernandez (22-2, 15 KO’s) Split Dec. 12 Larry Marks (22-6, 13 KO’s)

Adriano Sanchez (11-3-1, 8 KO’s) Maj. Dec. Lamar Alexander (6-1, 1 KO)

Ray Sanchez III (5-0, 5 KO’s) KO 1 Tyree Tidwell (0-1)

Calvin Odom (9-3, 5 KO’s) KO 2 Jose Luis Rivera (1-3)

Stephanie Jaramillo (1-0, 1 KO) TKO 2 Martha Flores (0-6)

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