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Ringside report by Gerardo Martinez
Photos courtesy of Morgan Smith

In front of a moderately-packed West Las Vegas High School gym, Crespin Promotions made its debut with the card dubbed "Boxeo en Las Vegas". What a debut it was . . . the fans got what they paid for and all of the New Mexican fighters came out on top.  The card included six bouts, with four going the distance and two ending in TKO.

The main event pitted Las Vegas' own Arturo "El Toro" Crespin (5-1, 2 KOs) against Albuquerque's Daniel "Latin Heat" Gonzales (2-8, 2 KOs), both of whom weighed in at their career heaviest, Crespin at 169.5 and Gonzales, at 171.6.

Despite Gonzales's nickname, it was Crespin who poured on the heat in round one. The Las Vegas fighter came out swinging and landing some hard shots on Gonzales against the ropes.  This would become the norm throughout the fight.

www.NewMexicoBoxing.comIn the second Crespin was, once again, the aggressor and was able to land a huge left to the face of Gonzales, again against the ropes.  Gonzales was able to separate himself from the ropes and dodge the punches of the forward-coming Crespin.  

Both boxers were able to land in the middle of the ring at the beginning of the third round.  The rest of the third round belonged to Crespin as his opponent continued gravitating towards the ropes and he was able to land, both, up and downstairs on Gonzales.  Looking like he had awakened a bit, Gonzales was able to land a hard right to the face of Crespin, but did not follow up.  So Crespin forced his opponent towards the ropes and did his thing, throwing lefts and right to the body and face.  Gonzales got out, but Crespin drove his opponent to the opposite side of the ring and battered him again on the ropes, this time almost knocking down his opponent before the round was over.  

The fifth saw both fighters looking a bit winded.  Crespin was able to land some hard rights and lefts to the body, tiring him even more.  Towards the end of the round “El Toro” was able to drive his opponent to one of the corners and swing away at the humanity of his opponent.  Gonzales was able to survive, momentarily but, noticing that his opponent was winded, Crespin came out running towards Gonzales like a bull, driving him towards the ropes.  Gonzales took a few hard shots before getting away from ropes, only to see himself in one of the corners a few moments later.  There, Crespin, once again, took some free shots on his opponent before tiring a bit, allowing Gonzales to get out of the corner.  By this point, Gonzales was offering little resistance and Crespin drove for the final time against the ropes.  Once there, the Las Vegas fighter connected with ease, both, to the torso and face.  Showing power, Crespin hurt his opponent and knocked him out standing, before referee Richard Espinosa stepped in to put a halt to the carnage.

The official result was a TKO win for Crespin at 2:46 of the sixth and final round.

www.NewMexicoBoxing.comCisneros stops Guerrero

In the co-main event of the evening, Victoria "La Reina de Guerra" Cisneros (5-8, 2 Kos) took on Garden City, Kan. fighter Letizia "La Chica" Guerrero (1-1) in a six-round women's light welterweight bout.  

Before the bout, one could see the big discrepancy in height between the two boxers.  Guerrero was the shorter fighter, but she made up for it with her bulky arms and legs.  Unfortunately, this would not help her out in the first round against the craftier and taller Cisneros.  The Albuquerque fighter came out strong, but cautious, not knowing much about her opponent.  Cisneros landed a couple shots to the face of her opponent in the middle of the ring and Guerrero tried to respond.  A few seconds later Cisneros landed a hard right to the kisser of Guerrero and dropped the unbalanced Guerrero to the canvas.  The referee sent Cisneros to the neutral corner and began giving Guerrero the ten count.  Guerrero, looking up at the referee, looked told him she could not continue and the bout was stopped at 0:41 seconds of the first round, giving Cisneros the TKO win.  

It looked like the Kansas fighter could not continue because of an injury to her knee or ankle; she had to be helped out of the ring by both the doctor and paramedics.  

After the fight Cisneros was asked by ring announcer Mike Adams how she had gained the victory, her response "just hard training.” She would have liked to get more rounds in and the crowd would have liked to see more action.  Cisneros also said "I came from the bottom and I'm moving towards the top" and she also mentioned that she was looking forward to a rematch against Holly Holm in the near future.

Cisneros has begun to move up in world rankings after her win against Terri Blair a few months ago and the betterment of her record.

www.NewMexicoBoxing.comCrespin nets first win

Looking to impress the her hometown crowd and in search of her first win, Amanda "Boom Boom" Crespin (1-2-1) came out strong against Denver's Linda "La Dulce" Custodio (1-1, 1 KO) landing some quick combinations upstairs in the first round. Custodio offered little response, but survived.  

In the second Custodio decided she was not going to sit back and let Crespin have the easy win.  She came out more aggressive and was able to land to the face of Crespin.  Crespin responded with a few punches of her own in the round.  

Both women began the third exchanging punches.  Closer to the end of the round Crespin was able to land a hard straight right to the face, stunning her opponent, but was unable to finish her off.  

Custodio came out looking to win the fourth and final round but with some good defense Crespin was able to dodge the punches of Custodio.  Crespin responded by landing some quick hard rights and lefts to the face of Custodio throughout the round.  At the end of four rounds, the judges scored the fight 39-37 and 40-36 twice, giving Crespin her first pro win by unanimous decision.

www.NewMexicoBoxing.comGallegos makes return to ring

Making his return to the ring in front of his hometown crowd was Shawn "The Educator" Gallegos (17-4, 5 KOs).  The man across the ring welcoming him back and fresh off a TKO win was San Antonio's Justo "La Pantera" Vallecillo (6-11, 3 KOs).

Both fighters began the first round slow, but picked it up throughout the round.  Gallegos was able to land a hard right upstairs and finish off the round strong.  The San Antonian came out more aggressive in the second, but was unable to land much and ended landing a head butt.  Gallegos was able to land upstairs a few times in the round.  

Both fighters were able to land punches in the third with Gallegos landing the cleaner shots.  The fourth round was more of a clinching contest than a fight, but the local fighter was able to land a couple of punches in the round.  

In the fifth Gallegos was able to catch Vallecillo with some body and face shots.  Unfortunately for the crowd, both continued clinching.  The final round would see Gallegos landing on his opponent.  Vallecillo returned some leather and both continued to clinch, so much so that the referee would warn both fighters for clinching.  At the end of six rounds the judges had it 58-56 and 60-54 twice, a unanimous decision win for Gallegos.  

"Feels great to be back in the ring" said Gallegos. He was unsure when his next fight would be.

www.NewMexicoBoxing.comMirabal wins close rematch with Gallegos

In a rematch, Michael Coca-Gallegos (0-5) faced off against Albuquerque's Vincent "Lil Man" Mirabal (6-0, 1 KO) in a six round light welterweight bout. This time around Gallegos would be the hometowner, but the outcome was the same – a close loss for Coca-Gallegos.

Both fighters spent the first round studying each other with neither landing any significant punches.  In the second Mirabal used his defensive skills in avoiding the punches of the more aggressive Gallegos and was able to land to the head and body.  Gallegos also landed some single punches.  

Gallegos continued his aggression in the third and landed a hard right upstairs staggering Mirabal.  Mirabal was able once again to use his defense and foot work to avoid Gallegos.  Towards the end of the round Mirabal landed a body shot that slowed down Gallegos.  Mirabal landed the more precise and greater number of punches in fourth.

A few looping lefts landed for Mirabal upstairs in the fifth and Gallegos landed some rights over Mirabal's defense.  

In the sixth, both fighters came out to win.  Mirabal had the greater output of punches.  Gallegos looked to have landed a punch that knocked Mirabal's mouthpiece out.  The referee paused the bout and placed Mirabal's mouthpiece back in its place.  The fight continued and both fighters exchanged punches in the middle of the ring to end the fight.  In the end the result was the same as the last time with Mirabal winning by split decision with scores of 58-56 twice and 59-57 for Coca-Gallegos.

Now 0-5, Coca-Gallegos was, neither, able to figure out the slick Mirabal, or get his first pro win, while “Li'l Man” continues to build his record.

Torres draws with Vargas

In the curtain raiser, Josh "Pit Bull" Torres (4-1-1, 3 KOs)of Albuquerque battled Joel "El Pirata" Vargas (1-1, 1 KO) of Garden City, Ks. in a four round welterweight bout.  

Cheered on by a few of his Albuquerque fans in the crowd, Torres began the first landing some hard shots to the body.  Vargas took the shots well and responded with some of his own towards the end of the round.  

Vargas came out aggressively in the second and Torres was able to counter effectively.  Torres was able to land a big right upstairs in the middle of the round. Vargas once again turned it on close to the end of the round and landed some punches to the body and face.  

Vargas continued his body attack in the third.  Torres looking a bit winded from the attack did not land any significant punches in the round.  

Torres began the fourth countering Vargas' body attack with a hard right to the kisser.  Towards the end of the round both fighters looked out of breath and were throwing lazy punches, but were able to end the round swinging giving the crowd a run for their money.  

At the end of four the judges scored the bout 39-37 for Torres, 39-37 for Vargas and the last judge scored it 38-38, a draw.  The crowd certainly got a fight and it was a whole lot of pounding for a draw.

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