Photos by Chris Cozzone/cozzone.comSchool bells ring at Wool Warehouse
Young guns shot down at Wool Warehouse; Sanchez & Baca fall to Torres, Perez Hernandez

Ringside report by Chris Cozzone and Gerardo Martinez
Photos by Chris Cozzone

Mark Twain once wrote, “A man who carries a cat by the tail learns something he can learn in no other way.”

So went the lesson learned last night at the Wool Warehouse in Albuquerque, N.M., where big hearts and big appetites did not, alas, equate to chomping away at more than one can chew.

Faltering for the first time in their budding careers, young guns Jose Luis Sanchez and Matthew Baca received more than a few scratches, bumps and bruises in their untimely showdowns. With school bells clanging away the rounds, professors “Pittbull” and Hernandez Perez dished out hard-learned lessons before a capacity crowd.

The four-bout Chavez Promotions card saw a solid crowd and a return to the commitment to expect nothing less than wild and wooly fights at the Warehouse, from this point on.

Photos by Chris Cozzone/cozzone.comIn the main event, Jose Luis “El Guero” Sanchez, with just two bouts under his belt, sought to make the leap from a newbie four-round fighter to an eight-round main eventer by taking on top New Mexico welterweight Josh Torres.

With the “Pittbull,” Sanchez found himself in the doghouse.

Sanchez certainly came to fight, however, and he won more than his share of rounds before Torres found his mark. In the first round, the two circled one another but a coule hard hooks from Torres gave him the edge. Sanchez turned it around in the second and third, coming at Torres with increased aggression. Torres held back in defense mode while Sanchez went to town with big shots downstairs and big rights.

Implored by his corner to open up, Torres found his openings and followed through with fast combinations. A big right hook tothe body stunned Sanchez, who dropped into the lower rope for a knockdown. Clearly hurt, Sanchez shook it off and, by the time the bell rang, was throwing back at the Pittbull.

Rather than finish Sanchez, Torres held back again in the fifth, allowing "Guero" time to recover and get back into the fight. Big rights and combinations from a determined Sanchez added his third round to make an even fight going into the sixth. Again, Torres held back while Sanchez moved ahead, winning the round on aggression.

Photos by Chris Cozzone/cozzone.comFalling behind again despite the knockdown, Torres snapped to in the seventh - and final - round. When the bell clanged, Torres came out throwing, with pinpoint accuracy on the tiring Sanchez. A hard five-punch combo dropped Sanchez again in the second minute. After barely surviving the onslaught, Sanchez made the count but another swarming attack by the Pittbull had the ref calling off the action at 2:01.

Torres said he’d expected a good fight from Sanchez, but had banked on his experience, speed and maturity giving him the win.

“This was exactly what I expected,” he said afterward. “To a ‘T.’”

Though Torres said he’d felt Sanchez’ sting, especially to the body, he was in control the whole time and waiting for the right opportunity.

“He’s a good fighter, but I had the speed, moves, maturity – all of the above,” said Torres. “But he shouldn’t let this loss bring him down. I had a setback, too, when I was 2-0, but I’ve come a long way since. He’ll be back.”

Torres ups his stats to 11-2-1, 5 Kos. Sanchez falls to 2-1, 1 KO.

Photos by Chris Cozzone/cozzone.comHernandez chomps on “Champ”

The co-main event was another case of youth losing out to maturity. In the six-round case of Matthew Baca and Yorden Hernandez Perez, however, with both fighters 2-0, it was a case of a 19-year-old kid fighting a fully grown man ten years his senior.

Though game to the core, Baca was never a serious threat to Hernandez for very long - and that's because Hernandez didn't let him get too comfy. Baca focused on the body in the first but Hernandez's head punches earned him the first. In the second, what would be the only really close round, Hernandez, ignoring a pro-Baca crowd, weathered Baca's downstairs attack and fired back with rights.

It downhill from there for Baca. Big uppercuts from Hernandez punctuated the third. In the fourth, Baca, still trying to hammer his foe to the body to slow down his movement, was battered by more uppercuts and big rights. It only got easier for Hernandez, who bloodied Baca in the fifth and had him staggering. Though Baca recovered, Hernandez settled for edging the last round with well-placed uppercuts.

At the end of six, all three judges saw Hernandez a clear winer, 60-54 x 2 and 59-55. NewMexicoBoxing/Fightnews had it a shutout for Hernandez.

“The maturity and experience made the difference,” said Hernandez, who’s been a regular gym rat for years before turning pro in 2010. “But he did good. He stayed up.”

Hernandez says he came close to taking out Baca in the fifth, but the heavy clinching saved his foe from a knockout.

“I wasn’t at my best, but I will be in the future,” said Hernandez Perez. “I didn’t take things seriously at first and I’d say I was at 80%.”

Hernandez moves to 3-0, 1 KO, while Baca falls to 2-1, 2 KOs.

Dennisson caps Crespin trilogy by shutout

In a six-round female bout, Albuquerque’s Nohime Dennisson (5-2-2) pulled off her third win over Las Vegas’ Amanda “Boom Boom” Crespin (7-5-1, 4 Kos).

Momentum flowed back and forth between Dennisson's footwork and sharp jabs, and Crespin's inside work, which was few and far between - at least enough to score her the win. Dennisson claimed the first by rushing in and out to score points. In the second, Dennisson controlled most of the round with wide shots and movement, though one could make a case for the much fewer - but much harder - punches Crespin landed.

In the third, Crespin countered the in-rushing Dennisson and in the fifth, a slower round, it was Dennisson's jabs and hooks outscoring Crespin's occassional counter hook. The final round saw Dennisson's best round, big rights controlling the round and, thus, the fight.

The judges varied widely, from 57-57 to 60-54 and 59-55, both for Dennisson, giving her the win by majority decision. / Fightnews had it much closer, ranging at 58-56 for Dennisson, with both writers agreeing on at least two rounds that could’ve gone either way.

Sanchez batters Hogue

In the four-round opener, Jason Sanchez (2-0, 1 KO), of Albuquerque, battered away at always-game-but-chinny Suanatu Hogue (0-2), of Fruitland, N.M. through four rounds.

Proving too small for the too-aggressive Sanchez, Hogue was at the short end of his opponet's frequent body attacks. In fact, it didn't take long for Hogue go to down, midway through the first. Making up in heart what he lacked in size and power, Hogue withstood continued punishment as the fight wore on, going down again in the third round. Despite the big head shots and body damage, Hogue fought back to the bitter end.

All three judges scored it for Sanchez, 40-35. NMB had it 40-34, with two 10-8 rounds for knockdowns.



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