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"Stan was more than boxing. He was a true friend, a father figure for some kids who were denied that. It is not unusual for us to preface our comments with "I love you," when speaking of Stan Gallup. What he did for young kids in our communities was so badly needed during those times. We've all grown to love and respect him. He was renowned for starting and organizing The Golden Gloves Tournament of Champions. Stan was great for amateur boxing. There are so many boxing coaches, professional and amateur a like, who looked up to Stan for what he had done and his moral standards. Stan was outspoken at times and could be a little offsetting, but we all have an Achille's heel and every now; occassionally, our cup would runneth over too. But, overall, Stan Gallup had a cheerful sincere, and professional attitude. He was always polite and courteous to all coaches, officials and boxing administrators; and demanding, considerate and imaginative in his leadership abilities.

"His honesty and integrity, coupled with his outstanding operational and technical competence, generated immediate confidence in his boxing knowledge by all whom he came in contact. His thoughtfulness, concern and passion for all boxers and coaches further enhanced his strong leadership skills. He believed in the proper training and professional development of all involved as a matter of personal concern and prime importance, and he adeptly integrated this feeling into his daily boxing affairs.

"The legendary Icon Stan Gallup passed away last night at his home in Kentucky. So what are we going to do to honor this great boxing immortal who devoted his entire life to amateur boxing? It is usually said that those of a younger generation have no idea as to what is going on, nor do they show much respect. So I write; I didn't have the chance to say goodbye to Stan Gallup and to thank him for all he had done for Golden Gloves in New Mexico and the United States. I was an amateur boxer for four years, and I certainly realize that not only has New Mexico lost a great person in Stan but the boxing world has lost an icon. He was the last true link to the golden age of amateur boxing. He will be be missed by a generation a century removed from his own. Boxing will not be the same without him - I know that for sure. I truly believe he was the main reason why I started boxing at the age of 15. I always admired his ethical enthusiasm.

"He didn't tell us how to live; he lived, and let us watch him do it.

"We have lost dear ones in our lives. We have lost friends. But none of them hurt like this one.

"Thank you, Stan Gallup, for being a major part of my life, for contributing so much of your time and effort, for being there for me and for being there for so many more, before and after me. You are my hero. Such a crisp clean copy. He made boxing seem so exciting.

"Blessed indeed is the man who hears many gentle voices call him 'Father!'"

Jerry D. Martinez

"Stan Gallup was a beautiful man, firm but honest, and a man of integrity.

"Years ago, when I managed Tommy Cordova, I decided to promote boxing, also. I went to Stan to seek his advice. He remained a friend of mine to this day and I talked with him prior to his moving into his sons home in Kentucky. He was also a friend who I will always miss.

"I remember fondly his talking with me at Henry Anaya Sr.'s house on many occasions. He loved Henry Jr. (Riley), both, as a fighter and a friend, and when I managed Riley, he was a vital contact to the ratings. Recently, he helped me with my current fighter Dat”Dat be Dat” Nguyen the popular Vietnamese/American super bantamweight.

"I miss Albuquerque and, above all, my friend Stan Gallup."

Jack Luce

"On January 29th, 2009, Robert Hoyle and I worked the Juan Urango IBF title bout in Montreal. We were fortunate to be able to visit with our old friend Stan, as he was the supervisor for the undercard NABO title bout. Having not seen Stan for over four years, it was a pleasant surprise that he was assigned to the event. Stan was still the gracious person he has always been to me and I will surely miss his smile and the gentleness that was his trademark.

"Boxing has lost another great one! Our thoughts are with his family and friends."

Judge Rich Green, Miami, Florida

"All of us who participated in New Mexico boxing for the past several decades owe a debt of gratitude to Stan Gallup for his many contributions to our sport, both professional and amateur. Even though he lived out of state in recent years, Stan was at every show that Top Rank did in 2008 in the Albuquerque area, and his friendship and knowledge will be greatly missed. Vaya con Dios, Stan, and thanks for everything, amigo."

Bruce Trampler

"Words cannot express the loss I feel in my heart. As he was to so many others, Stan was my mentor and my hero. He helped return to the amateur boxing scene after many, many years away. For that, I will be eternally grateful. Father, husband, coach, mentor, boxing clinician, official. So many positive role models for so many people. It was a supreme honor to know you, Stan. You will always be in my heart. Rest well, old warrior."

Jim Whitehead

"I am truly sadden to hear of the passing of Stan. Boxing has lost a true fan and supporter.

"Even though he was an expert on boxing, he always wanted to learn something new. I always looked forward to seeing Stan at seminars and conventions, because, I would always learn from him.

"His honesty and integrity will always be remembered.

"My deepest sympathy to his family."

Duane Ford, Las Vegas, NV

"I was very sad to hear about Stan, (Mr. GQ to me). Last May I finally got to write and tell him how I felt about him, and I also got to see him again after that at the Sanchez fight in 'Burque. There is no doubt that he will always be a legend of boxing, especially for our Four Corners. All I can say is that it was an honor to have know Stan and to have him as my friend and mentor in boxing.

"Much love & prayers to all of his family and friends. Respectfully Yours,"

Stephen Blea WBC & NABF R/J

"My mentor, my friend! The Golden Gloves of America would not be the outstanding organization it is today without the devotion and hard work of the one and only Stan Gallup. He mentored almost every individual who works as a leader in the current Golden Gloves. His goals were to make GGA strong and for all interested boxers to have the opportunity to participate in our great sport.

"When the Chicago Tribune sponsored their last Golden Gloves Tournament of Champions Stan picked up the task and held the 1964 Golden Gloves of America Tournament with 32 national champions entered. The annual tournament continues each year because of Stan’s hard work.

"Even when we had a disagreement Stan and I worked together for the good of Golden Gloves. His voice was strong and his intent was always to do the best thing for the sport. He traveled around the world to work with interested individuals and teams. He spent countless hours and dollars promoting Golden Gloves to all who would listen.

"Personally, some of my favorite memories are long discussions across a dinner table and especially one fishing trip we took together on Lake DeGray, in Arkansas. Not so much the fishing but the camaraderie and the 'solving of all the problems of the world,' including Golden Gloves. Just two weeks ago Stan traveled to the National Silver Gloves Tournament in Independence, Missouri where he announced 204 bouts over a three day period. He was an outstanding asset to the entire boxing community.

"Sunday I lost the very best friend anyone could ever have in amateur boxing. May we all remember Stan for what he has done for each of us and for the following quote by Sir Winston Churchill that epitomizes Stan’s beliefs: 'All the great things are simple and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom; justice; honor; duty; mercy; hope.'"

Ray Rodgers, President
Golden Gloves of America, Inc.

"I personally am sadden to hear of the passing of Stan Gallup. I appreciate all the good things he has done for boxing, Professional and Amateur and it was numerous.

"New Mexico was his home but his impact reached way beyond. Stan was always cordial and really shared a lot of his experiences with me that made me a better man today.

"I enjoyed his company at the many places I have been with Stan. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and his boxing family."

Josef Mason
Director of Boxing Commission, Colorado

"Stan was boxing! Stan didn't complicate things, he made our boxing life simple and fun. He taught us not to sweat the small stuff. Stan welcomed everyone with open arms and when times got tough he lifted us; encouraged us and taught us not to give up. He was all of our inspiration.

"We all have learned so much from you. We all appreciate your presence for so many years and all that you have done for the youth and all of us in the boxing world, You will be greatly missed.

Psalm 61:7: May he be enthroned in God's presence forever; appoint your love and faithfulness to protect him.

Richard Mirabal, TEAM MIRABAL

"Simply put, Stan was the man.

"His years of dedication to the Sweet Science will have a lasting impact, both, in state of New Mexico, and worldwide. While many here in N.M. understand his importance (and many roles) in keeping boxing alive for 50 years, little understand that without Stan, boxing, on a grand scale, would've have suffered greatly.

"Without Stan, Golden Gloves might've died in 1964--nationally. Without the role of Golden Gloves, the names we've grown so familiar with throughout boxing's history might not have been.

"On behalf of the local fight scene, we thank Stan for his years of dedication, service and encouragement. His work will go on.

"When I started up, in 2000, it took a while for an out-of-state gringo like me to be accepted here. I weathered the criticism while striving to 'tell it like it is.' Stan was a big role model for me--and he will continue to be."

Chris Cozzone

"A sad day in New Mexico’s boxing world! It saddens my heart to hear that Mr. Stan Gallup passed away. It is truly a loss to the world! May he rest in Peace! Our deepest sympathies to the family."

From the John S.Crego Memorial Gym

"I first met Mr. Stan Gallup at the 1998 National Gloves tournament in Syracuse, New York and the last time I saw him was at the WBO convention in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, last year. I, for one, will say that he was an icon to the sport of boxing and he'll will be truly missed by many. Rest in peace!"

Eddie Claudio, World class referee

"I'm so sorry to hear about the passing of New Mexico's "Mr. Boxing" - Stan Gallup. I enjoyed serving with Stan as a judge with the NMSAC. Whenever Stan would see me with my father at a boxing event, he'd always come over to my Dad and say "Hi Pop!" My Father always enjoyed that.

"Stan, you are greatly missed by so many, and my heartfelt THANKS go to you for all you've done for the sport of boxing!"

Dan Sisneros, Las Cruces NM

"Stan Gallup was a close personal friend and mentor. I met Stan 16 years ago when he was Chairman of the New Mexico Athletic Commission. I was a young judge just learning the ropes of boxing when I was fortunate enough to be taken under the wing of "Mr. Boxing" himself. Stan and I traveled the world together. We worked together in over 250 professional boxing matches throughout different parts of the world. I was honored that Stan relied on me in all our travels. I worked with him when he was WBO vice president, commissioner, supervisor, judge and time keeper. After every fight, Stan and I would discuss the fights of the night and each of us voiced our opinion on the outcome . . . sometimes agreeing and sometimes disagreeing. But in the end, I always learned something from our discussions that I believe made me a better judge.

"Stan was always there to give a helping hand to any official. Stan would always say, "I can open doors for people but what they do when they get in is up to them." I was honored that he took it upon himself to knock on doors for me.

"You could talk to him about boxing for hours and hours because, in his 50 + years in the sport, he had met a lot of the legends in boxing and had encountered virtually every situation that could come up in boxing. I will miss Stan's friendship because we spent a lot of boxing time together. I kept in touch with him, calling him frequently. The last conversation we had was approximately 2 weeks ago when I called him to talk about his assignment as a supervisor in Montreal for a NABO fight. He said , 'This is what life is all about!'

"The boxing world has suffered a great loss. Stan, you will be missed."

Levi Martinez, Las Cruces NM

WBO Mourns the Passing of Stan Gallup

"The entire World Boxing Organization family is greatly saddened by the passing of Stan Gallup, World Boxing Organization Vice President and “New Mexico’s Mr. Boxing.”    

"Stan died Saturday, February 21, 2009 at the age of 86.  Stan was a devoted family man, a success in his business, and an invaluable contributor to Boxing at every level.

" Stan had an illustrious military career, serving in the Pacific Theatre during World War II.    After the war, Stan was a co-owner of a New Mexico radio station and he later founded and operated a successful sporting goods business and was a member of the Board of Advisors to Ringside Boxing Gear. 

"Stan was devoted to boxing, participating as an athlete, a ring official, and an administrator. 

"Stan was a member of the WBO Executive Board and WBO Vice President at the time of his death.  On hearing of Stan’s passing, Francisco Valcarcel, WBO President said, 'Stan was a great personal friend to me and a great source of experience, wisdom, counsel and judgment to the WBO.  The WBO and the entire world of Boxing will miss Stan dearly.'

"Stan was also a member of the Board of Directors of the North American Boxing Organization.  Said NABO Executive Director Mark Reels, 'Stan was a great friend and a valued NABO Director.  It is a blessing that Stan was active and vital his entire life.  I talked to him last week and he told me he had a great time supervising a NABO Championship in Montreal on January 30, 2009.'

"Known as “New Mexico’s Mr. Boxing” Stan participated in the administration of professional boxing in New Mexico and consulted on the organization of boxing commissions for several Indian Tribal Boxing Commissions. 

"Stan was particularly devoted to amateur boxing.  He founded the Golden Gloves of America Tournament in 1964, organized its geographical franchise system which is still in place today, and was Executive Director from 1968 until 1999.  Stan was elected to the Golden Gloves of America Hall of Fame in 1979 and continued to serve the Golden Gloves until his death. "

World Boxing Organization

"We were very sad to hear about the loss of such a great man. Stan Gallup was someone that I remember from my days in the Golden Gloves over 30 years ago. When I began coaching the Los Tigres Boxing Club eight years ago, I was so amazed to find that Stan Gallup was still a very big part of boxing. During that past eight years, my wife and I have had the opportunity to get to know Stan and Cordy at a personal level and have thoroughly enjoyed their friendship. Stan was always ready and willing to help us with our program. He was always willing to listen and educate us on the steps needed to bring our program forward. He was always very encouraging to our boxers especially Marcos and Michael Herrera who have expressed a deep sadness with Stan's passing. Our love and prayers to Cordy and the entire Stan Gallup family. We have lost a great friend.

"Con Amor y Respeto,"
Roy & Stephanie Madrid and Los Tigres Boxing Club

"Judges just scored your last round a 10-8 in your favor. Stan & I disagreed on several subjects one of which was women's boxing but we resolved that long ago with the help of Cordie. He was fighter but he fought outside the ring. Like any good boxer he fought from the heart, never gave up, and avoided getting hit. Keep punching Stan."

Trina Ortegon, former world champion

"As a young fighter, Stan Gallup was someone I looked forward to seeing at tournaments and he was always a welcome face as I was boxing my way through the amateur ranks. He consistently had a smile on and always had positive things to say to me.

"Even though I was young, my coach, James Pena, instilled in me an appreciation for the history of the sport, an understanding of Stan's contribution and a genuine appreciation for his commitment. But what mattered most to me then is that, this man that was so obviously respected by everyone around him, knew me. Out of the thousands of boxers he met every day and dealt with at every tournament . . . he really knew who I was. Not just my name, but he really knew Melinda Cooper and what I was doing in the sport and in my life. He made me feel special and epitomized, to me, everything that is good about this sport.

"I know that the opportunities I've had and the sport I continue to thrive in exists in part because of Stan Gallup and a handful of others like him and I am eternally grateful.

"The boxing world has gained so much with having him be a part of it. His influence and contribution will live on forever and I know that I will always...always remember him."

Professional Fighter - Melinda Cooper

"It was heartbreaking to hear the news.

"Stan Gallup was more than just a friend to me - he was a father figure, and a mentor.  He made a large impact on my life. From the time I meet him at the 1980 New Mexico Golden Glove Tournament he has been a constant motivation in my life. I had the fortune to spend much time traveling the world with him to numerous amateur and professional boxing events.  In our travels, he opened my eyes to a different view of the world.  His view was immeasurable, and his wisdom infinite. 

"His favorite place to travel was New Mexico, he would say to me, “Buddy, people travel the whole world but there is so much to see in our own back yard here in New Mexico."

"I am eternally grateful to Stan for all of his support, and assistance through the years not only in the boxing world but in all aspects of my life.

"Stan will be missed but not forgotten.

"My thoughts and prayers are with his family and boxing family."

Russell Mora, Las Vegas, NV                               

Stan Gallup, the Ultimate Warrior . . . Icon in the Boxing World

"Boxing was his world … no longer can we click on this icon and enter at our own risk.

"What more can be said about “Stan the Man?” He truly was "Mr. Boxing in New Mexico." His knowledge, participation and accomplishments range worldwide in the boxing world, and I know this ultimate warrior will be truly missed by all!

" We were blessed to know him and to have him as a part of our family. The first Christmas he spent with the Sanchez family was just way beyond his belief. He found out that night what familia was all about. I like to think that he had no choice but to fall head over heels in love with his newfound family, and with my mother, Cordie.

"Her heart is broken once again. She will miss her mentor, buddy, pal, friend and traveling companion. She will also miss nagging him to take care of himself. We were looking forward to seeing him, and working with him again for the upcoming Golden Gloves Tournament.

"Our deepest sympathy goes out to his son, Gary Gallup and his family, and my appreciation for keeping us informed about Stan. Know that GOD will help us get through all of this . . . and know that your Dad was truly loved by many.

"So, champ, I say to you, get your 'Golden Gloves' on and get ready, because there will be no more pain, no more ailments, no more problems to solve as the "Ultimate Warrior & Icon of Boxing" . . . not in this world anyway. Follow that golden path to that great “Golden Gloves” tournament in the sky . . . and get ready to rumble.

"We love you, miss you, and we are praying for you. Rest well, our dear friend. Until we meet again . . . "

The Sanchez/Lucero Family

"Extremely sad news, please pass on the condolences from all of us to Cordelia and family."

Andy Ayling, Sports Network - UK

"I am sorry to hear of the recent passing of Stan Gallup.

"In behalf of my family and the WBO Asia Pacific Board members, please accept our heartfelt sympathy and condolences for the Family of Stan Gallup."

Leon Panoncillo, Jr., WBO Asia Pacific

"Lamento mucho por Mr. Gallup. Era una persona muy amable. Aprendemos mucho de boxeo con él.

"Saludos de Brasil,"

Reinaldo Carrera, Periodista y Presidente de la Liga Paulista de Boxe Profissional (

"We were very saddened to hear the passing of wonderful Stan. He was a VERY FINE GENTLEMAN. A man that was truly highly respected in the boxing world by all that knew him.

"Our condolences to Cordelia and family."

Harry & Beverley Davis, Canada

"I first met Stan when he moved here to live with his son.. It was only a very short time until he became a very close friend to me. He made each day one l looked forward to as I know Stan would be dropping by my office with a story and smile.

"All of the young athletes here at KWC were very fond of Stan and accepted him as one of their own.

"Kentucky Wesleyan College is a better place having been blessed with having Stan Gallup with us for a few short years.

"I am a better person because Stan Gallup came into my life. I miss him now and will think of him often for the rest of my life.

" Rest easy FRIEND…."

Glenn M. Young, Associate Director of Athletics, Kentucky Wesleyan College

Comfort for those that mourn the passing of my loved one… Stan Gallup

"In death there is certainly the very real pain and sorrow of physical separation. But it is equally true that our loved ones remain with us. They do not just go off to some dark and distant place. They simply continue into eternal life. We do not see them because we are still in the darkness of the world. But their spiritual eyes, filled with the light of heaven, are always watching us as they wait for the day when we shall share their perfect joy. We are born for heaven and we will end this life of tears to begin our life of endless happiness.

"The surest comfort I get during mourning my loved ones is that death has not destroyed them, nor carried them away .. Rather it has given them life, a love with power to know fully, and to love powerfully and perfectly. With this new life and new power our loved ones are always present to us, knowing and loving us more than ever before.

"The tears that dampen our eyes in time of mourning are tears of homesickness, tears of longing for our loved ones. But it is we who are away from “home”, not they. Death has been for them a doorway to an eternal home. They are still with us, lovingly and tenderly waiting for the day when we too will enter the doorway of our eternal home. For us who believe, death is preparation for eternal union with those we love, in the peace and joy of heaven.

I’m struggling with this right now, but with the Lord’s help, I will accept, because it was Stan’s time and GOD’s will. He needed Stan up there already. After all, he missed him too.

"Thanks Stan for all that we shared… too much to mention.

"I love you and miss you very much."


"There are few people in the world who epitomize the meaning of integrity. Stan was one of those few. In boxing he was larger than life and his contributions will be felt for generations to come. He was a wonderful man and he was a good man. I will miss him dearly and I know the boxing community around the world feels the same. My deepest condolences to his family and to his friends in the boxing community. He was one of a kind."

Max Heyman

"I will always remember Stan as one of the best boxing men that I ever met.

" It was great having lunch with him last summer in Louisville, KY & going to the Muhammad Ali Museum & watching him gloat as we walked around the museum.

"Stan was a man's man, as he always said what was on his mind.

" He did not like when a referee gave a warning unless the boxer took out a gun & shot his opponent. I remember once in Milwaukee at the ABC Tournament when I gave a boxer a warning for holding. I said to myself that Stan will be upset but I had to do it, Stan later told me that the boxer deserved a warning & I felt delighted.

"Stan Rest In Peace in the RING in the sky & every time I go into the ring you I will be thinking of you.


Sean Curtin

"What do you say to something like this, the passing of a man that has done so much for us ? The coaches he's trained, the boxers he's taught, the promoters who've learned from him . . . In every aspect of our game, he has schooled someone - and not just boxing, but in everyday situations.

"You will be missed dearly by many.

"A special thank you for helping me start and complete the T.U.F.F. Gym. Because of your help, we have an awesome place to train. God bless you."

Bernie J. Sanchez

"We are saddened to hear of the passing of Stan Gallup. He was a 'Force,' especially in amateur boxing, for years at the 'Golden Gloves' level. He will be missed by all of us in the WBO, as well as USA Boxing, PAL, and Golden Gloves. Our prayers and best wishes ore offered up for his surviving family members."

Phyllis and Brian Garry

"Mr. Gallup was a wonderful person and a great boxing fan. I met him in the late 1980's and we always remembered what the old days in USA Boxing and the Golden Gloves were like. I'm thankful that the last time we saw each other we were able to talk about old times and the sport we both love.

"Stan, God bless you and your family. I am sure that your are with the Lord."

Armando Garcia

"We are sorry to hear about the Passing of Stan Gallup. Please give our sincere condolences to his family."

George Christodoulou, Nicosia - CYPRUS

"I will miss him. I have known him since 1986."

Jean Williams

"Tuve el honor de conocer a Stan en tantas convenciones y actividades de boxeo alrededor del mundo que me dio la oportunidad de apreciarlo como un amigo confiable,afable,sincero y un gran conocedor de los fundamentos del boxeo mundial. !!Que bueno que el Gran Arquitecto del Universo, le permitio que disfrutara de su vida hasta el ultimo momento de su aliento!!

"Dios lo acoja a su lado."

Roberto Ramirez

"I am very sorry to hear of his death."

Patricia Morse Jarman

"Lamento mucho la perdida de un miembro del organismo.

"No lo conocí, pero sé que si pertenecía a la O.M.B era una persona valiosa y por referencias un caballero del boxeo.

"Reciban mi humilde pésame."

Efrain Vega Durán, Promotor- Costa Rica

"Stan was a good friend. We spoke about everything -- from New Mexico politics to boxing. He was a very jovial, wonderful person. He was a true gem in this world. Stan was also a wonderful mentor -- providing timely wisdom whenever I needed it. You will be missed, my friend. We love you dearly."

Yosem Eduardo Companys

"Stan was a unique, humble and decent man. He was also my friend.

"He impacted the life of many youths in a positive way with the Golden Gloves. He was also an American hero, fighting with the Flying Tigers before WW11 in China against the Japs as a volunteer. Most don't know that these Americans in China were fighting for 2 years before the war started and were winning, despite inferior equipment and terrible conditions.

"There are not many like him anymore, and I'll miss him."

Harry Heyman

"Can you imagine the joy of being related to this man? Uncle Stan was larger than life to me as a child. He, Aunt Sue and Gary Gallup were always my 'favorite relatives' to come visit. His family was important to him and he was always there for me if I ever needed him.

"He shared his love of boxing with me and my children and took us to events with him, as he did with his grandchildren. I am so glad the last years he moved in with Gary and Sharon and was able to share in their lives on a daily basis. It is wonderful that a new generation of athletes at Kentucky Wesleyan College benefited by having Uncle Stan in their lives also.

"Thank you to Gary and Sharon for taking care of Uncle Stan as much as he would let anyone take care of him. He told me how much he loved being in your home and daily lives. Uncle Stan leaves a wonderful legacy to the entire Gallup family."

Jane Chiles, Stan's Niece

"Wow, Stan Gallup . . .

"I met Stan Gallup back in about 1964-65 at the Civic Auditorium, in Albuquerque. Stan was talking to my cousin Mino Martinez from Santa Fe, NM who was fighting in the Golden Gloves. I came up to Mino who introduced me to Stan. Stan asked me if I was a boxer. I was too young at the time, and told him, no I wasn't. Stan told me I should be because my cousin Mino, could show me some good moves. Stan really liked Mino, who went on to win that year in Chicago.

"As I got older I began to train as a boxer at Boy's Club in Old Town, I met Stan again during the Golden Gloves in about 1974-75, and Stan remembered me--that man had a great memory. Stan remembered my cousin Mino, and asked about him. Stan always gave me good advice before a fight, and treated me real good.

"Stan had been around New Mexicans for so long he sometimes had an accent to him, and sometimes said, 'No?" at the end of a sentence, like when he was talking to us Mexicans from New Mexico. Later, I quit boxing. Stan would ask me to judge some fights. He'd say, "You know what it's all about . . . You've been there, man. Just be honest."

"When Stan had his trophy shop, I would go visit him there and we would talk for hours. I told him I wanted to give back to boxing and Stan suggested me donating a trophy, and I thought that was a good idea. Stan made me a few really nice trophies, One of those trophies was won, by Johnny Tapia in the Silver Gloves for outstanding boxer that year; another was won by a boxer, the name of Joe Turiettta, of San Jose gym. I don't recall the last, but Stan made up some nice Trophies, and gave me a good price.

"Giving back . . . 'That's what is all about,' Stan would tell me. I had the opportunity of talking to Stan maybe a year ago on the phone. I hadn't talked to Stan in over 20 years and he still remembered me. He was telling me how he was going through all his stuff, and trying to gather all his records of Golden Gloves and memorillbila so that all that information would not get lost. I talked to Stan for hours on the phone and it was late, but Stan loved talking boxing, and about the good old days.

" I"m going miss Stan the Man, as I use to call him. May he rest in peace!"

Waldo Sam Anaya

"Manifiestale, por favor, a todos los miembros del Comité Ejecutivo, familia, y amigos, mi profundo pesar por la muerte de mi colega, Stan Gallup. Acá rogamos para que el Señor lo tenga en su Santo Reino."

Alfonso Múnera Cabas, 2º Vice-Presidente de Comité Ejecutivo OMB, Colombia

"I can remember when my father, Emilio introduced me to Stan Gallup when I was 10 years old. Of course I had no clue who he was at the time. Then I'd see him all the time when my dad would take me to the fights at the old Civic Auditorium. Little would I know, 15 years later, that he would be giving me my meal money for being a member of the New Mexico Golden Gloves team competing in Colorado.

"Stan was always kind to me as I began to cover boxing for the Web, he always told me be yourself and never compromise your beliefs no matter if people don't like your opinion. He knew I loved the history of boxing and when we had the chance we would talk about the ol' days. Just last year he called me and asked for my address and sent me news articles he had kept on fighters. That's the kind of man he was, thinking of others to help them out. Now he is sharing stories with greats in the Golden Squared Circle in Heaven!"

Andy Rivera,

"Thank you for all you have done for boxing. My heartfelt love goes out to Mr.Gallup and family."

Tom Crego

"My family and I were saddened to learn that our friend Stan passed away. He was a wonderful man. I met Stan in the 1970s when I was a young boxer participating in the National Golden Gloves Tournaments. Stan Gallup was my mentor and my inspiration. While NFL football had its Vince Lombardi, New Mexico Boxing has its Stan Gallup. He always had good advice for anyone who needs it. He later met my wife and then my two sons. My two sons are boxing fans; the youngest of the two now a professional fighter. My daughter and granddaugher have met Stan also. My family has always looked up to Stan as a role model and an inspiration in their lives. We last saw Stan in Albuquerque on November of 2008 at the Sanchez - Zamora fight. We will all miss you, rest in peace.

" Our thoughts and prayers are with the family."

Charlie Gallegos and Family - Las Vegas, New Mexico

"On behalf of the NM LBC, Our deepest sympathies to his family and all who knew him. Stan will be greatly missed by us all. We were blessed to have known him and to have him as a part of our organization. Stan had devoted his entire life to amateur boxing and boxing here will not be the same without him. We will make Stan proud by continuing what has had started so long ago and that is giving our kids the opportunity to compete in the sport that he loved--boxing."

Flory Olguin Jr., Albuquerque PAL

"I met Stan Gallup back in the early 50's when he was broadcasting the Regional Golden Gloves Tourney here in Roswell, via the radio. I was fortunate enough to work with Stan at numerous Golden Gloves Tournaments for many year. I also had the pleasure of serving, along with Stan, on the New Mexico Boxing Commission in the early sixties. Stan was truly a tremendous human being and an inspiration to everyone here in Roswell. Always ready to support the Golden Gloves where ever he went. On behalf of the Sertoma Club, the boxers and coaches, I want to extend our condolence to Stan Gallup and his family. We will certainly miss him."

Jim Lilley Golden Gloves Referee & Judge, former boxing commissioner, Sertoma
Greg Segovia Golden Gloves Official, Sertoma
Bill Coffee Golden Gloves Referee & Judge, Sertoma
Raymond Analla Sr. Boxing Coach
Willie Hall Boxing Coach
Charlie McGarrity Boxing Coach
Raymond Analla, 6 time New Mexico State Golden Gloves Champion
Ralph Analla, 3 time New Mexico State Golden Gloves Champion
Rene Analla, 3 time New Mexico State Golden Gloves Champion*
Carlos Analla 2 time New Mexico State Golden Gloves Champion
Will Analla 2 time New Mexico State Golden Gloves Champion
John Analla 5 time New Mexico State Golden Gloves Champion*
John De Los Santos 3 time New Mexico State Golden Gloves Champion
Carlos De Los Santos 2 time New Mexico State Golden Gloves Champion
Charlie Garcia, Roswell Regional Golden Gloves Champion
Raymond Baca 2 time New Mexico State Golden Gloves Champion
Ernie Montoya, 2 time New Mexico State Golden Gloves Champion
Chris Flores, 2 time New Mexico State Golden Gloves Champion
Willie Hall Jr. 5 time New Mexico State Golden Gloves Champion
Johnny Santiago 2 time New Mexico State Golden Gloves Champion

"Stan gave me my first regional champion jacket in 1971, with a smile and a handshake, he congratulated me, this added to the proud moment and is something I will never forget. With his encouragement and support, boxing has become a very proud part of my life. As a coach Stan always gave me the same smile and handshake every time we met. Every time I go to any boxing event, I will think of Stan, his smile his handshake.

"He will be missed."

Mario Montoya

"I have been a Deputy Inspector for the New Mexico Athletic Commission for 23 years and Stan Gallup was the first commissioner to fight for rights and full pay for the D.I.'s after years of volunteer service.

"All of us will remember him for that."

John Klemiato

"Thank you for always watching out for our kids back in 1970 I was one of the kids that you helped not just with advice but you give my first pair of boxing trunks I came from a low income family at that time and with out you and boxing I would have not made it. I have now been working in government for over 30 years to make short if it would have not been for you I may have went a different way (Thank You) for boxing you giving me a great life. I would be lost with Boxing. It has now been two years that the (J,S,C) Memorial gym opened and you will not be forgotten."

Ray Lopez, J.S.C. Memorial

"The best part of knowing Stan was hearing his incredible stories about his world travels, fishing, his family and most of all, boxing. I am sure that he is entertaining and amazing God with these stories too! A life well lived. It was an honor to know you Stan."

Francie Cordova

"Few people in this world exemplify the meaning of integrity. Stan was one of those few. He was a great man who shall be missed dearly by many. His influence will be felt for generations to come. All of boxing lost a dear friend. My deepest condolences to his family."

Max Heyman

"Tuve la oportunidad de conocerle durante mi gestión como Comisionado de Boxeo en Ciudad Juárez; Stan era la clase de persona que generaba confianza y simpatía desde el primer momento en que se tomaba contacto con El. Un caballero gran conocedor del boxeo y mejor amigo. Descanse en paz."

Dr. Rodolfo Aranda

"I just learned the sad news of Stan Gallup’s passing. He was a great man. I met him many years ago through his granddaughter, Gina. Going to Golden Gloves Tournaments really enlightened me to the world of amateur boxing. Stan’s contribution to that world will never be forgotten. I’ll never forget you Granddad!"

Jennifer O'Donnell, Lawrence, Kansas